Which Are the Weak Spots of Your Roofing?

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Which Areas Of Your Roof You Need Inspected by a Roofing Service Provider on a Regular Basis?

No matter how durable and well-installed your roof is, poor weather conditions and time will cause damage and deterioration sooner or later. When detected on time, roofing issues can be easily fixed by a qualified roofing service provider. Below, you will find a short list of the most problematic parts of your roof, so you can pay attention to any potential issues.

Roof areas that often cause trouble are those that are most susceptible to deterioration and damage.

  • Roof ridges – The ridge is the highest part of the roof, and it is the most exposed to rain, hail, sun, and wind.
  • Valley – This is where the roof comes together at different angles. Usually, hail builds up at this spot. When hail melts, water can penetrate underneath shingles and makes its way into your home, where it may damage some of your valuable personal belongings, as well as the structure of your entire house.
  • Caps and flashing – They are found around pipes and dormers, chimneys, and vents for plumbing. Metal caps on the chimney and furnace flues keep rain from going into the fireplace but can suffer damage from hail storms.
  • Previously repaired areas – Previous repaired areas of your roof can give you trouble, especially when the repairs have been made by an inexperienced roofing service provider
  • Other problem areas – Disconnected TV antennas, solar systems, and evaporative-cooler ductwork can leak water into your home through the roof.

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